The Mother of the Matrix

The Mother of the Matrix

Now its been so long that I wrote in this blog i should really start with an update of where I am but I can’t as I have just read this articular. . The Matrix was actually written by a Women called Sophia Stewart and her story is also the foundation of the Terminator……….for me as some one who is completely obsessed with subliminals, story worlds & science fiction I can’t think about anything else for at least the next couple of hours so let me pour my thoughts on here.

So 1st thing is what someone just made me realise from my facebook status about this…Terminator story happens…it goes bad….Matrix starts…..absolute Madness. In my head when I was mixing the 2 storys I hadn’t even seen that obvious logic. This Women is such an amazing story teller its unreal.

Next point I want to get to is the fact they people are saying this was all to do with money but I think that that is only half the story. Now we all get programed over our life’s, this is something a man called Lenon Honor has made me fully understand. You can over come your programing but you have to be able to see it. My first set of very early programing was “Peter Pan” and just so people reading this can understand I was a boy born in 1988 I have slightly older friends who feel they got “Bambie” programing and I have female friends who feel they got “Little Mermaid” programing. That was the early stuff….Disney don’t play around but in my later years I got 2 very clear sets of programing that I still hold with me today and do represent what I gravitated to as a Indigo. The first was “The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time” “Hero of Time” programing and the 2nd a year later was “The Matrix” “One” programing. The point I’m making is that whilst “The Terminator” is a hugely Entertaining film “The Matrix” it self feels like a story for lack of a better word destiny. That is a terrible way to describe it but if I can’t find a better way buy the end of the post i’m going to have to leave it. This story was the Modern day prediction of the mental state of the youth who were but embryos when she wrote the story….it was a perfect metaphor….with many imperfections. Whilst to this day I love Nintendo and Link remains as one of my favorite characters up there with Huey freeman and Goku The Matrix as I looked closer and closer I felt had alot of mal intent inside of the story’s in the form of subliminals……but the true creator was not in charge.

I will use the title as my example and my final paragraph on the matter. “The 3rd Eye” positive, a prompt to research something that empowers you. “The Matrix” negative, a prompt to research things that will put you in fear (like i did).

Long live Sophia Steward and her amazing connection to source and the storys she will tell

(In my news I am now fully sponsored by o2 & UNLTD, the graphic novel is at the stage where I have front and back cover and its just about the coloring I think it will be ready by feb and just had my Indigo nephew at my house for Christmas which was amazing…will do a proper post at some point)

O yeah Sophia is making Matrix 4 😀

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